Medical Coding Specialist – Diploma Program (Online)*

Length of Program: 9 Months

Effective June 2nd, 2015 AHI is no longer enrolling students into the Medical Coding Specialist Diploma Program.

Medical Coding Specialist - Diploma Program

Take your education to the next level. Earn a Medical Coding Specialist Diploma.

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The Medical Coding Specialist program prepares students to analyze medical records and assign codes to medical conditions, diagnoses and procedures using complex healthcare coding and classification systems. Accurate coding is necessary for research and statistical data, and to determine reimbursement of health care services. Many Medical Coding Specialists prefer to be self-employed or find positions in physicians’ offices, hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, medical billing companies and medical financial consulting companies.


 * Students will complete a laboratory component at a medical facility

Career Opportunities

Medical coders and billers are employed by hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), mental healthcare facilities, insurance companies, consulting firms, health data organizations and information system vendors. Many medical coding specialists prefer to be self-employed.

As an Insurance Coding & Billing Specialist, you play an integral role in your employer’s office. You help make it possible for your employer to collect monetary reimbursements from patient insurance Medical insurance billing/coding, and its related occupations, are among the fastest growing opportunities in the healthcare industry.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed a program, and other important information, please visit our Gainful Employment Disclosures page.

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