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Medical Assisting Associate of Science Degree

Take your education to the next level. Complete our Medical Assisting program to earn an Associate of Science Degree.

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The Medical Assisting Associate of Science Degree program provides students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and clinical skills necessary for employment in a clinic or physician’s office. Throughout the Medical Assisting Program students are introduced to a vast knowledge base required in the areas of anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, medical terminology, medical front office procedures, x-ray, electrocardiography, pharmacology and laboratory procedures. The program includes a balance of instruction that encompasses general education courses in communications, sciences, mathematics and technology. Students are given the tools to function successfully in an entry level position as a Medical Assistant.


* Students will complete a laboratory and externship component at a clinical site

Types of Medical Assistant Jobs

The health care industry is always experiencing growth and there is a great need for medical assistants to support doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Medical assistants are a vital addition to a multitude of health care settings.

While medical assistant duties vary from job to job, this position typically falls into two categories: clinical and administrative. Most facilities expect medical assistants to carry out a combination of clinical and administrative duties.

Clinical Medical Assisting: Medical assistants can expect to be responsible for a number of duties, such as taking vital signs, prepping patients for X-rays, sterilizing equipment, handling lab tests and specimens, changing dressings, preparing and administering medications as directed by a physician, assisting during exams, and explaining treatments and procedures to patients.

Administrative Medical Assisting: Medical assistants may also be responsible for typical office duties such as scheduling appointments, completing insurance forms, taking patient information and medical history, filing patient records, ordering and storing supplies, arranging for hospital admissions, handling correspondence, billing and coding, and maintaining electronic health records.

Is a Career as a Medical Assistant Right for You?

Are you detail-oriented and comfortable with multi-tasking? Then you’re likely to thrive as a medical assistant – the job demands the completion of a wide variety of tasks from minute to minute and day to day. People skills are especially crucial for medical assistants; whether they’re working in a clinical or administrative role, there will always be some measure of patient interaction.

Good communication skills and empathy are two key traits that help medical assistants succeed in their jobs. In fact, caring, compassionate, and calm medical assistants are often the people who add that much-needed human touch to healthcare facilities.

Medical assistants must also have the necessary computer technical skills to complete their job duties, as they will be responsible for managing electronic records or completing billing and insurance forms online. Earning a medical assistant degree online will make allied health professionals comfortable with all things computer-related, only adding to their resume once the medical assisting degree has been earned.

Career Opportunities

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “Employment of medical and health services managers is expected to grow 16 percent from 2008 to 2018.”

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