Electrocardiograph EKG Technician – Diploma Program (Online)

Length of Program: 6 Months

Effective February 2nd, 2015 AHI is no longer enrolling students into the EKG Technician Diploma Program.

Take your education to the next level. Earn an Electrocardiograph Technician Diploma.

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Electrocardiograph Technician - online Diploma ProgramThis program is designed to prepare students for employment as Electrocardiograph Technicians. Students in this program will learn to become team members and will have in depth knowledge of the 12 lead EKG and the conduction system of the heart as well as some of the disorders that can be monitored with the EKG or other mobile monitoring systems. The courses will provide an understanding of pre-hospital emergency medicine and life-saving techniques. The program includes a balance of classroom and clinical experiences.


* Students will complete a laboratory component at a clinical site

From Classroom to Career: Becoming an EKG Technician

The EKG technician has a vital role in cardiac care. It is the EKG technician’s responsibility to properly conduct the test that interprets the electrical activity of the heart and relay the results to doctors and cardiologists so that heart problems and irregularities can be identified and accurately diagnosed. The EKG is a non-invasive procedure that involves attaching electrodes to the skin’s surface to record the activity of the heart and the rate and regularity of heartbeats. The EKG also measures the position and size of the heart’s four chambers, uncovers any heart damage, and monitors the effectiveness of treatments used to regulate the heart, namely medications or pacemakers. The reading that comes from the test the EKG tech administers is called an electrocardiogram.

EKG technicians can be found working at a variety of health facilities including hospitals, cardiologists’ offices, general practitioners’ offices, and inpatient and outpatient facilities. Potential students interested in becoming an EKG technician can enroll in an online allied health program and earn their Electrocardiograph Technician Diploma program in as little as six months.

What It’s Like to Work as an EKG Technician

Because the electrocardiogram is so up close and personal, EKG technician candidates should have a desire to work closely with patients and be aware of the challenges and expectations that they will encounter in this field. EKG technicians work with patients who are either suffering with serious cardiac issues,  or who are in the process of assessing the state of their cardiac health. In any case, it is normal for patients to be apprehensive and a calm, tactful, and kind EKG technician can help ease their fears.

For EKG technicians who are employed in emergency rooms and hospitals, EKGs will often need to be administered speedily and accurately to determine whether a patient is having a heart attack – the ability for an EKG technician to deal with high-stress situations is desirable. It is crucial for EKG technicians to correctly position electrodes on the body in order to accurately perform diagnostic electrocardiograms and record test information.

After informing the patient about how the EKG will proceed, the EKG technician is responsible for monitoring the patient during the test, staying alert for any abnormalities that must be reported immediately, and relaying test results to the attending physician at the conclusion of the EKG.

Career Opportunities

Employment as an Electrocardiograph Technician in today’s health care environment is a dynamic and expanding career opportunity. Allied Health Institute’s (AHI) Electrocardiograph Technician Program prepares students for entry-level positions in both inpatient and outpatient health facilities. As a graduate of the program, students may be employed in hospitals and physician’s offices and paramedical agencies to name a few examples.

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